Otis after every time we film him….he wants to see the video

This space is devoted to celebrating my son Otis in annual birthday videos. Please enjoy but do not share on social media channels. We try to restrict how far Otis' identity goes! - you can access videos below with password: OTSB13

OTIS TURNS FIVE (2017-2018)

The Beaustangchamps have moved back to Victoria. Otis has started at French Immersion Kindergarten and turned five! So much change is unsettling - but we are slowly getting used to our new normal. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new friends for visits!

OTIS TURNS FOUR (2016-2017)

Another year has happened for Otis Theodore Stanger Beauchamp! Does it seem like his years go by really quickly? He still really into bikes - he got a new one for this year’s bday - see the picture attached. Check out Otis’s Annual Video Anthology if you want to see his obsession with bikes, trains, families, and trucks growing through the years:

OTIS TURNS THREE (2015-2016)

It is that time of year again where you can watch Otis videos and see how much he really loves bikes, trains, and ice cream! Turning three is a big deal and we had a rocking great party for him that was a bike rally at a local park - see attached. His video this year is basically chronological - so you can see his development pretty crazily!

OTIS TURNS TWO (2014-2015)

As we travel through New Zealand, Otis was lucky enough to spend his second birthday with Auntie Jen and Uncle Mark. It was a pretty special experience for us all. To celebrate his second year, check out a film marking his past year in 2-second clips:

OTIS TURNS ONE (2013-2014)

So far Otis' life has been really full. He entered the world in a purple bathroom in Victoria BC and then rounded his year out in another bathroom, this time he lives with a silver claw foot tub in Bellingham WA. We noticed a few things about him in his first year:

  • He likes to hang out with pretty much everybody;
  • He is into pushing wooden cars all over the place;
  • He really likes ice-cream (he has only had one lick in his life);
  • He can sign for "milk", "more, all done", and "please ring that bell again, it made a cool sound";
  • He has been called "fart-triliquist", "little-b", "bee-nut", "Oat-cakes", "baby-uh-oh", "o-ti-su", and "Oatie"
  • He LOVES pickles
  • He pants like a dog
  • He loves dogs
  • He has Nanny Stanger's hair

As a tribute to him in his first year, we have made a film of his jolly jumper exploits and a slideshow of his incredibleness. I hope you enjoy!

Jolly Jumper Exploits


A Year of Otis Slideshow

NB1 - The song in Jolly Jumper Exploits is Medeski Martin and Wood's Where is the Music?
NB2 - The songs in A Year of Otis are:
Something in You - Steph MacPherson
The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
Tall Tall Shadow - Basia Bulat
St. Judy's Comet - Paul Simon
Comes a Time - Neil Young
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