We noticed a few things about him in the first year
Mama and Papa
So far Otis' life has been really full. He entered the world in a purple bathroom in Victoria BC and then rounded his year out in another bathroom, this time he lives with a silver claw foot tub in Bellingham WA. We noticed a few things about him in his first year:

  • He likes to hang out with pretty much everybody;
  • He is into pushing wooden cars all over the place;
  • He really likes ice-cream (he has only had one lick in his life);
  • He can sign for "milk", "more, all done", and "please ring that bell again, it made a cool sound";
  • He has been called "fart-triliquist", "little-b", "bee-nut", "Oat-cakes", "baby-uh-oh", "o-ti-su", and "Oatie"
  • He LOVES pickles
  • He pants like a dog
  • He loves dogs
  • He has Nanny Stanger's hair

As a tribute to him in his first year, we have made a film of his jolly jumper exploits and a slideshow of his incredibleness. I hope you enjoy!
password below: firstbirthday

Jolly Jumper Exploits


A Year of Otis Slideshow

NB1 - The photo at the top of the page was taken by Ute Mueller.
NB2 - The song in Jolly Jumper Exploits is Medeski Martin and Wood's Where is the Music?
NB3 - The songs in A Year of Otis are:
Something in You - Steph MacPherson
The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
Tall Tall Shadow - Basia Bulat
St. Judy's Comet - Paul Simon
Comes a Time - Neil Young
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